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De Paul Public School, Nazareth Hill, Kuravilangad, Kottayam district, started functioning in the year 2002. It is established and run by the De Paul Educational and Charitable Trust, Kuravilangad under the auspice of St.Joseph's Province of Vincentian Congregation which inbibes the spirit of St.Vincent De Paul, our heavenly patron.The motto of the school is For God and Country It is also affiliated to CBSE New Delhi Affiliation No: 930672.


As a school, De Paul is concerned to foster an openness of mind which maintains an interest in learning and in education as a continuous process throughout life.To provide an education in which pupils will develop to the full, the knowledge, skills and understanding required if they are to realize their social and educational aspirations and to develop the will to use them.

To help pupils to know themselves, to assess their own values and their relationship with others and develop motivation and self-discipline.

To help pupils to understand the social, economic and political order and to prepare for their adult lives at home, at work, and at leisure, and as a contributing member in the society.

The school aims at imparting education for the overall development of the child, concentrating on development of his intellectual, spiritual, social and mental developments, and making them responsible to oneself and also to the socity.